Some examples of our current and past assignments

Brownfields Redevelopment

Rezoning Feasibility Study

  • Western Sydney
  • Mixed uses study for residential/leisure, commercial, retail and outdoor entertainment space
  • Planning proposal strategy outcome
  • 4.3 ha site area

Infill Redevelopment

Medium Density Residential

  • Inner West Sydney
  • Redevelopment assessment
  • Medium density development concept
  • 0.36 ha site area

Rural Tourist Development

Sale Value Maximisation

  • Hunter Region, NSW
  • Potential resubdivision of 7-lot landholding
  • Environmentally sensitive land
  • Sales and marketing stimulus
  • 30+ ha size area

Urban Release Area

Major Dam Construction

  • South-Western Sydney
  • Environmental Assessment
  • DA & CC directorship
  • Civil works contractual management
  • Development Superintendent
  • 12.7 ha site area

Rezoning and DA

Children’s Education Centre

  • Southern Sydney
  • Rezoning of former church site
  • Site-specific uses and development controls achieved
  • 0.11 ha site area

Major Seniors Living Site

SEPP 55 Contamination Remediation

  • South-Western Sydney
  • Capacity for 500+ homes
  • Removal and disposal of 21,533 tonnes of asbestos and fuel contaminated soils
  • Extensive procedural programme under critical time path conditions
  • Project cost exceeded $7m
  • 8.4 ha site area

Conceptual Refurbishment

Existing Tourist Development

  • Sydney CBD fringe
  • Design direction
  • Marketing direction
  • Economic assessment
  • Determination of highest and best use
  • Sales and marketing stimulus
  • 0.1 ha site area

Heritage Property

Reinvention of Use

  • Melbourne East
  • Former Monastery Estate
  • Land use feasibility
  • Reapplication of usage for occupation by the Australian University of Divinity
  • Negotiation of lease terms and value
  • Reapplication of outbuilding for commercial religious archival usage
  • Sale and marketing of excess land for future aged care

Golf Course Residential

Environmentally Sensitive Land

  • Shoalhaven Region, NSW
  • Development Planning and Environmental Assessment for Stage 1 Masterplan Consent
  • Challenged riparian corridor site
  • Extensive endangered species assessment and reporting
  • Stage 1 masterplan consent achieved for up to 320 dwellings
  • 7.2 ha site area

Financial Due Diligence

High Density Residential

  • Newcastle, NSW
  • 84 apartment scheme
  • Project profitability assessment
  • Project risk identification and mitigation assessment
  • 0.35 ha site area

Residential Subdivision

Urban Release Area Feasibility

  • Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Financial Sustainability Options Assessment
  • Seniors Living Assessment via SEPP
  • General Residential Assessment
  • 15.8 ha site area

Leisure Development

Greenfields Licensed Club

  • South-Western Sydney
  • Land identification and acquisition negotiation
  • Development planning and DA direction
  • Environmental assessment
  • 1.4 ha site area

Infill Development

Mixed Use Tourist Development

  • Shoalhaven Region, NSW
  • Tourist/Commercial development
  • Unique gateway development for 4 short-term accommodation townhomes and 1 retail unit
  • DA author/director
  • 0.05 ha site area

Rezoning Planning Proposal

New Urban Release Area

  • Macarthur Region, NSW
  • Directorship of entire rezoning planning proposal and masterplan
  • Scheme for Business Park for up to 1,200 employees
  • Scheme for up to 1,050 residential homes including 500 Seniors homes and a further 200 aged care beds
  • Provision of circa 18 ha of recreational open space including a heritage park
  • 43.4 ha site area

Business Park Vision

Concept and Lobbying

  • Macarthur Region, NSW
  • Leadership of united planning approach with state and local government landowners
  • Vision scale similar to Norwest Business Park
  • Media liaison and lobbying
  • 60 ha site area

Heritage Park and Creek

Major Bush Regeneration

  • South-Western Sydney
  • Repositioning/relocation of 14 locally-listed heritage items
  • Extensive rehabilitation and planting program for 13,000 + species
  • Site planning for future environmental centre
  • Locally-sourced VENM imported to enable management of site
  • 6.0 ha site area

Infill Development

High Density Residential

  • North-Western Sydney
  • Development Advisory
  • Contract terms and value negotiation for 250+ unit dwelling scheme, club building and golf course upgrade
  • 41.9 ha site area

Agri-business lands

Accelerated Housing Feasibility

  • Western Sydney
  • Aerotropolis fringe
  • Land-release capacity planning analysis for Penrith LGA
  • High level environmental case using expert concept planning inputs
  • Local government liaison
  • 167 ha site area

Rezoning Planning Proposal

Commercial Centre Development

  • Western Sydney
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Justification case inclusive of greater CBD area
  • Assisted drafting of LEP controls
  • Rezoning achieved for commercial development up to 24-stories
  • 3.0 ha site area

Planning Scheme Proposal

Mixed Use Development

  • Hume Region, Victoria
  • Strategy and direction
  • Amendment application for residential, commercial and leisure development
  • Subdivision plan for 120 medium density dwellings, aged care complex, mixed-use commercial, licensed club, and a 4-storey hotel
  • 75 ha site area

Rezoning Planning Proposal

Medium Density Residential

  • North Wollongong Region, NSW
  • Construction of road, car-parking and pedestrian-way infrastructure via a VPA
  • Rezoning submission for 27-medium density dwellings
  • Directorship of subdivision application and engineering delivery
  • Crown land lease extension negotiation
  • 0.7 ha site area

Rezoning Planning Proposal

Environmentally Sensitive Land

  • South-Western Sydney
  • 4-lot subdivision
  • Environmental planning and justification case
  • 143 ha site area

Land Subdivision

Medium Density Residential

  • Illawarra Region, NSW
  • Two-lot subdivision to create one super lot
  • Development justification and engineering
  • Approx 30 permissible dwellings
  • 0.7ha site