What we do

Proven, trusted and dependable working relationships delivering excellent outcomes

Innova Capital provides an impressive range of services to make the imagined become reality.  Some of these include:

  • Organisational and land strategy workshop facilitation
  • End-to-end project directorship
  • Area needs analysis and market research
  • Land economics, financial feasibility and business cases
  • Complete environmental constraints and opportunities assessments with the assistance of the appropriate experts
  • All types of development applications (local and state)
  • Drafting of voluntary planning agreements
  • Preparation of fully documented masterplans
  • Preparation of rezoning applications (Planning Proposals, Planning Scheme Amendments etc)
  • Drafting of site-specific Development Control Plans
  • Facilitation of specialist assessments (eg, flora and fauna, endangered species, heritage conservation/impact, archaeological, land contamination, acoustic and other engineering requirements)
  • Tender briefings, selection of providers and quality management of reporting and timeliness of deliverables
  • Pre-lending assessments for financing applications
  • Preparation of documentation for construction certification
  • Preparation of marketing and information memorandum materials

Through our proven and trusted professional relationships, we have the ability to be a one-stop shop service-provider for all things concerned with property-development if a client requires that. We always know where to go or who to reach out to for assistance to enable us to ethically get the outcomes needed.

What makes us unique is the combination of strategic, financial and environmental experience that is rarely found in the one place. This unique set of skills enables us to identify approaches and opportunities not always obvious to others. We then chart the journey and see it through to completion.  It is the blend of technical skill, strategic thinking, experience and capability that we bring which really appeals to our clients.