Wayne Camenzuli is the founder and Managing Director of Innova Capital (Capital Syndications Pty Ltd).  The company was incorporated in 2002 and its clients since that time have been both impressive and varied, as have the consultancies that have been awarded to the business. These have typically been concerned with organisational or land development strategy, asset management or directorship of major organisational change projects.

With 35 years of continuous professional experience since graduating from the University of Sydney, he has a vast body of professional and industry networks. His career was grounded at KPMG for 8-years servicing the financial services, property, tourism and hospitality sectors.  He subsequently gained 9-years experience with publicly listed and foreign-owned financial services companies at General Management and Office-of-the-CEO level, and at a similar level within the healthcare sector for two national organisations.  The range of disciplines for which he has provided leadership include business strategy, acquisitions/mergers and divestments, portfolio management, brand and campaign marketing, performance improvement, risk management and major project directorship.

Over the last 12 years, the sectoral and industry focus of the business has been principally concerned with land development for community, religious and other not-for-profit organisations. The scope of services has been almost completely concerned with property advice, asset management, development orchestration and delivery directorship in one way or another. Because of the professional background he brings to this sector, he is particularly valued for his unique mix of skills and experiences that have earnt him respect as a one-stop adviser for so much of the present-day complexity that characterises the land development sector in Australia.

Wayne also provides ongoing pro-bono support to selected community and social support organisations in various advocacy, advisory or hands-on capacities.


Values and Operating Principles

We provide you with transparency at every step

Our clients and strategic partners regard us highly for the ways in which we communicate. This includes full and regular transparency of all works underpinning our fees and those of our mutually appointed service providers.


We only engage dependable proven expert resources

Innova Capital is a proven virtual enterprise with extensive business and industry experience and the ability to rapidly meet specialist resource needs through proven dependable experts with whom we have established strong mutual affiliations.


We are 100% independent

Innova Capital is a trading name of Capital Syndications Pty Ltd. Neither the entity or its related parties have any ties to a financier, real estate agency, developer or other commission or incentive-based organisation that may benefit from our advice. Our value proposition is that we offer 100% independent, objective and honest cross-disciplinary development direction advice in the best interests of our clients.


We constantly strategise

Confidence with development planning and execution is maximised when the strategy that underpins the plan is clear and the buy-in is solid at the outset. Circumstances can also change over time which give rise to the need to revisit the strategy. We are best known for our approach to strategic planning and the ways in which we inform and guide stakeholders at every step.


We only act with integrity